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Six Month Smiles® Clifton Park, NY

Six Months to a New Smile

Straight teeth provide you with a beautiful, healthy smile and the confidence to enjoy life to the fullest. Traditional orthodontics are a time-tested method of aligning crooked teeth, but the process is often slow and can take two or more years to complete treatment. For those who are seeking a straight smile quickly, we offer Six Month Smiles®. This revolutionary orthodontic treatment can give you an attractive smile in as little as six months, allowing you to be smile-ready for any occasion.

What Does Treatment Involve?

Six Month Smiles® Clifton Park, NY

Six Month Smiles is a orthodontic treatment which includes placing clear braces and tooth-colored brackets on your teeth, which blend into your smile and are less obvious than traditional metal braces. These braces are able to work so quickly because they make slight adjustments only to the teeth that are visible when you smile. Six Month Smiles is ideal for those who already have a healthy bite, but still want to cosmetically align crooked teeth.

Six Month Smiles offers many benefits over traditional orthodontics:

  • Straightens teeth quickly
  • Tooth-colored, discreet appearance
  • Minimal discomfort from tooth alignment
  • Fewer visits to the dentist for adjustments

Six Month Smile®

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Be Smile-Ready for Any Occasion

Many of our Six Month Smiles patients are seeking a quick and convenient way to straighten their teeth before a big event like a wedding, reunion, or important business function. By being able to align teeth in just six months, you are able to plan for big events without worrying about unsightly metal braces. Patients who have more serious alignment concerns but still want a discreet way of aligning their teeth can also choose our Invisalign® clear aligners orthodontic option.

At Sitwell Dental we also offer an affordable membership plan that gives Six Month Smiles patients FREE teeth whitening immediately following orthodontic treatment! You’ll be ready for your big event with a beautiful straight and brilliantly white smile you can be proud to show off!

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