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Additional Services Clifton Park, NY

Additional Services

Finding your next dental home is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. At Sitwell Dental, we are a family dentistry practice with a team dedicated to helping patients from young to old. We offer the services you and your family need in one location, so you can live a happy, healthy lifestyle with smiles that you will all be proud to show off.

Sitwell Dental Services

Additional Services Clifton Park, NY

Local Anesthetic and Nitrous Oxide +

We offer local anesthetic and nitrous oxide options to give you a soothing and pain-free experience during your procedures.

Composite Fillings +

Tooth colored fillings that replace the metal amalgam fillings traditionally used for cavities.

Oral Pathology Exams +

Examinations of your mouth and throat to search for potential cancerous lesions. Catching oral cancer early leads to the best chance of successful removal.

Inlays and Onlays +

Inlays protect damaged areas in between the cusps of your teeth and onlays cover one or more cusps to restore form and provide protection to your affected tooth.

Gum Disease Treatment +

A common oral condition that affects the hard and soft tissues of the mouth. If left untreated, it can severely damage your jaw and even cause tooth loss.

Gingivectomy +

If gum tissue is diseased or you suffer from a gummy smile, we can gently remove excessive or damaged tissue to even out the gum line and restore health to your smile.

Frenectomy +

Those who suffer from tongue- or lip-ties can have the thin tissue (frenum) that restricts movement of the lip or tongue severed to improve oral health.

Occlusal Adjustment +

If your bite is off and causing you discomfort or frequent migraines, we can identify the cause and realign your jaw or the way your teeth come together to improve the tooth relationship.

Wisdom Teeth +

Those experiencing pain or discomfort with their wisdom teeth can have them extracted to prevent damage from occurring to the jaw or surrounding teeth.

Teeth Grinding +

Excessive teeth grinding can severely damage your teeth. We can repair damaged teeth with dental crowns and provide you with a mouthguard that prevents further damage.

Providing you with a healthy mouth and beautiful smile is our ultimate goal at Sitwell Dental. Our knowledgeable team can help answer any questions you may have and alleviate your concerns. We want to be your dental home and treat every patient like a part of our own family. Come experience the high-quality dental care you have been looking for at Sitwell Dental!

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