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Bone Grafting

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When you are missing teeth, dental implants are considered the ideal solution to replacing your teeth. However, if you have lost jaw bone volume due to trauma, disease or deterioration, then dental implant placement can become difficult. Sufficient amount of bone is required to adequately hold an implant post in place. Through our bone grafting procedures, we can rebuild the bone that was lost so that your jaw can be restored and help you qualify for dental implants.


Bone Graft

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Bone Graft Treatments

When receiving a bone graft, a sample of bone is taken from you or a donor source and converted into granule form. These granules are then added to the site of bone loss, under the gum tissue. After the bone graft has had time to heal and fuse to your existing bone, you should have the volume necessary to receive dental implants. Depending on your specific case, there are different types of bone grafting procedures and techniques to offer you the optimum results.

Ridge Augmentation +

If trauma or deterioration of the bone affects your jaw, you may have an uneven jawline. With an uneven jaw, teeth can begin to shift or move and your smile aesthetics may be affected. Ridge augmentation involves placing bone grafting material at the site of recession to recreate an even jawline, fit for dental implants.

Ridge Preservation +

If you have a tooth extracted, it will leave behind an empty socket. We may recommend ridge preservation treatment after a tooth extraction in order to protect your jaw bone volume and help you qualify for implants. This involves packing the empty socket with bone grafting material immediately after the tooth is removed.

Sinus Lift +

When teeth are missing in the upper molar area, replacing them can become a challenge due to the proximity of the sinus cavity. In most cases, there is insufficient bone to support a dental implant, but with a sinus lift procedure, we can gently create an opening in your jaw bone to access the sinus cavity. We then carefully raise the sinus membrane and pack bone graft material inside the cavity to create adequate bone volume for implant placement.

Guided Tissue Regeneration +

This technology enhances the healing and success of bone grafting treatment. A biocompatible membrane will cover the graft material and hold it in place while preventing the gum tissue from interfering with the healing process.

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Bone Grafting Clifton Park, NY

Bone grafting is a common procedure for patients interested in dental implants or those who are seeking a full arch tooth replacement solution. Our doctors have attended trainings and received certifications in performing sinus lift and ridge augmentation procedures. We also offer effective sedation dentistry to minimize discomfort and anxiety during treatment. Patients experience a drastic increase to their quality of life after implant restoration made possible by our effective bone grafting treatment.

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