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Why Adults Should Still Consider Orthodontics? Clifton Park, NY

Why Adults Should Still Consider Orthodontics?

After a certain age, many adults rule out orthodontic work because they feel that wearing colorful braces would attract the wrong kind of attention. While the stigma of wearing braces in adulthood has been slowly fading away, there have been some popular alternatives to traditional braces that all adults with teeth alignment issues should carefully weigh – that’s invisible teeth aligners and clear braces.

Products such as Invisalign® invisible aligners can help you align your teeth without anyone else knowing, while solutions such as Six Month Smiles® clear braces can provide astonishing results in half a year’s time. So take a closer look at these two solutions and find out why you shouldn’t rule out orthodontic treatment in adulthood.

Discreet: Your Secret Is Safe

For those who really don’t want other people to know they’re working to straighten their teeth, there isn’t a more low-profile option than Invisalign. The clear plastic aligner trays are designed to fight snuggly onto your teeth and they’re extremely difficult to spot. Also, you can pop them off before eating and pop them back on after you’ve brushed your teeth.

Each pair of aligner trays, for your top and bottom rows of teeth, are fabricated to gently push your teeth closer to their optimal alignment. You’ll get a new set every few weeks. Most people finish their Invisalign treatment in about a year’s time.

Speed: Done in Time for Your Next Event

For those who want to see results fast, Six Month Smiles just might be the best system for them. This system of braces is formatted like traditional braces, though all of the components are clear and Six Month Smiles braces don’t stand out as much without bright colors so commonly used for conventional braces.

While you can still spot clear braces affixed to teeth, the big advantage here is getting noticeably straighter teeth in just six months. For people who have big events on the horizon, such as a wedding or graduation, Six Month Smiles can give you results without the time requirement of traditional braces.

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