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What Makes Dental Bridges So Great Clifton Park, NY

What Makes Dental Bridges So Great

Dental bridges are a good treatment option for those that are dealing with a chipped tooth. Maybe you got elbowed in the face during a basketball game or bit down on a nut too hard, living with a chipped tooth can feel embarrassing, it doesn’t matter the age. Although a chipped tooth isn’t considered a dental emergency, Dr. O’Brien and the amazing dental team at Sitwell Dental can fix it as soon as possible. At that point, a dental bridge might be suggested to correct that chipped tooth. Here are three things to take into consideration before you schedule an appointment with us.       

The number of teeth you want/need to correct 

At Sitwell Dental we use dental bridges to correct oral issues for teeth that are missing for single or multiple cases. The bridges are ideal when you find that a missing or damaged tooth has left a major space between your remaining teeth and you want the solution to be as natural looking as possible. To enhance the function and appearance of the bridges, they are cemented in place to your remaining teeth.

Permanent Solution

You should remember that dental bridges are a permanent solution for broken or missing teeth. Unless the dentist removes the bridges themselves, they will not fall out if they applied properly. This will help increase your teeth’s functionality as if they were normal teeth, so you don’t have to think too hard about them sliding out or moving as with dentures. If cared for properly, they can last for anywhere from 15 years to life.

What to Expect From the Procedure

There are several different types of dental bridges to choose from, and will usually take your dentist more than one more visit to finish the treatment. You’ll most likely be given a local anesthetic around the area where the dental bridge will be applied. Then your tooth will be reshaped by filing them down to hold the crown. For the next several weeks, you’ll have to wear a temporary bridge until the final bridge is completed and can be permanently placed. The whole process is virtually painless.  

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