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Invisalign, The Discreet Method Clifton Park, NY

Invisalign, The Discreet Method

Braces do not need to be in the form of metal wires and brackets any longer. Dentists everywhere are turning to a more discreet method of aligning teeth. The method that has grown in popularity is known as Invisalign. Invisalign is a near clear retainer style fixture that is perfectly fitted to you, to straighten your teeth in an effective amount of time without all of the metal. Invisalign follows the same premise as traditional braces, meaning they are meant to slowly correct the straightness of your teeth, but they have more perks not associated with your typical braces.

One of the most obvious perks that they are CLEAR. This means that no one needs to know about your aligners if you do not want them to. These are not just clear braces, either. They involve no brackets or wiring, what-so-ever. This type of orthodontic is done retainer style. This means that the aligner itself is molded to your teeth, to slowly shift them into place. These aligners are simply placed over the teeth, like a retainer, no metal or cement needed.

Another perk would be that Invisalign is flexible. Unlike traditional braces, these invisible aligners can be removed. The removable aspect of Invisalign is great, because you can clean the aligner separate from your teeth, and still floss and do your normal oral hygiene routine. While wearing them majority of the day is recommended, you can take them out for special occasions, or to eat.

Invisalign tend to be used on adults and are usually used for minor alignment cases. If you suffer from extremely crooked teeth or severe over/under bite, your dentist may recommend traditional braces for your case.

If you are interested in having your teeth perfectly aligned while in a discreet manner, Invisalign may be the perfect treatment option for you. If you would like to learn more about this orthodontic process, contact your dental professional. Your dentist and their knowledgeable team will be able to guide you through the clear aligner process. If you are interested even more after your discussion, schedule a consultation to learn more specific details.