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How to Handle Dental Anxiety Clifton Park, NY

How to Handle Dental Anxiety

It is very important for your teeth’ overall health to see a dentist for regular check-ups. Unfortunately, because of their fear of going to the dentist, some people forgo their annual check-up. Usually referred to as dental anxiety by dental experts. This is a growing phobia that affects hundreds if not thousands of people every year.

Often resonating from past traumatic dental experiences, dental anxiety can eventually lead to greater problems later in life if you have serious dental problems that need to be addressed.

With the advancement of dental technology and implementing new dental techniques, there are now ways to combat this fear allowing you to feel relaxed to receive the oral treatment you need when visiting your dentist. Sedation dentistry is the most common option for dental anxiety.

Sedation dentistry is the practice of using different methods of sedation to relieve the dental discomfort of a person. Of example, the approaches vary depending on each individual patient’s specific conditions and severity level. The great thing about sedation dentistry is that there are not only multiple types, but they are delivered in many ways, for example, if you’re afraid of needles then you can take the sedation drug in a pill form.

At Sitwell Dental, Drs. Tiffany and John O’Brien offer a couple of different sedation options to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed during your stay.

The different sedation options are:

  • Local Anesthetic
  • I.V. Sedation
  • Oral Sedatives
  • Nitrous Oxide (aka Laughing Gas)

If you would like more information on dental anxiety and our sedation dentistry options, we invite you to visit our offices in Clifton Park and Malta, New York to schedule an appointment to speak with Drs. Tiffany or John O’Brien.